PYOTS Ep-7 Teloch Vovin

This weeks episode of Putting You on the Spot features Teloch Vovin focused on Orthodox Black Metal. Jump into the planetary realm as this band harnesses the powers of Saturn and the Elements. Learn about the history and origins of black metal and the creative processes behind their music. Afterward, check out more from the band and our producers on […]

PYOTS Ep-6 JD McGibney

This weeks episode of Putting You on the Spot features JD McGibney. Long Island native now making is mark in Los Angeles. JD thrives in diversity as a guitarist, motivational speaker, Executive Producer and Partner of BBR Productions, and co-host of “I Don’t Make This Stuff Up” podcast. With this in mind, dive in to hear JD discuss starting his […]

PYOTS Ep-5 Jonathan Rullan

Today in the spotlight is paintball wizard, Jonathan “Waldo” Rullan, co-host of “OVERSHOT a paintball podcast.” Listen in on our chat about the community of paintball past and present. In addition, hear some of the crazy stories that go on out in the field. Additionally, hear about his personal opinions on the struggles of life. Afterward, check out more from […]

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