PYOTS Ep-16 Somehow Sorry

Today in the spotlight is rock and roll band Somehow Sorry. Listen in as we chat about thegroups long history together, crazy stories from the road, 4 part vocal harmonies and “You can’tsay that Jim”

PYOTS Ep-15 King Bastard

Today in the spotlight is Doom Metal band, King Bastard. Listen in as we chat about how a T-shirt helped to form the band, how they found their sound through interesting experimentation, the mix of old-school and new recording process’ of their album and so much more!

PYOTS Ep-14 PBS Community Foundation

Today in the spotlight are members/volunteers Sharin, Scott, and Tom of PBSCF.The PBS Community Foundation was established to help people with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities,and other special needs with a particular focus on self-determination and full inclusion in the community. Their mission is tohelp these individuals access the supports and services they need to become active and productive members […]

PYOTS Ep-13 Hierarchy

Today in the spotlight is blackend deathmetal band, Hierarchy. Listen in as we chat about the band’s long history from death to re-birth, the dark spiritual aspect behind their lyrics and sound, a possible future tour and so much more!

PYOTS Ep-12 Stove McGrove

Today in the spotlight is local techno dj, Stove McGrove. Listen inas we chat about his beginings as a young DJ finding work inNYC with a little bit of luck and skill, the process of mixing intoday’s age, the community he is helping to build virtually andso much more!

PYOTS Ep-11 Ceaser Perez

Today in the spotlight is local musician and the brains behind the largest collaborative jam on Long Island, Cesar Perez.Listen in as we chat about his musical beginnings coming up in L.A. in the 80’s, his love for the community found among local musicians, and how he began the collaborative, open jam known as Decay and Decadence. Afterward, check out […]

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